Health & Wellbeing

Providing everyone, regardless of age, health needs and abilities, with opportunities to enjoy the museum.

Beamish’s programme of activities to support health and wellbeing has been commended by the Royal Society for Public Health for its excellent and innovative contribution to arts and health practice.

We aim to provide everyone, regardless of different ages, health needs and abilities, with opportunities to enjoy the museum, to take part in traditional activities , to learn new skills and improve self confidence and to thoroughly enjoy the company of others.

We work with a range of organisations across the region, such as Alzheimer’s Society, local NHS support groups and Care Homes, to develop a unique and exciting programme of activities.

Our cosy Orchard Cottage, with its treasure trove of objects as well as its accessible facilities, make it an ideal place to host many of our activities.  We also run activities in other parts of the Museum too.

One good thing about having dementia is that I get to come here and be part of this group.


A sing-song around the piano in Orchard Cottage

Group sessions in Orchard Cottage

Orchard Cottage is at Beamish's 1940s Farm. The cosy cottage is full to the brim with fascinating and familiar sights, sounds, smells and even tastes. It's an ideal space for groups of older people and people living with dementia, and their families and carers, to enjoy together.

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Skills Workshop

These workshops help staff to develop skills and confidence in facilitating activities and communication with the people they support.

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