Two training and consultation events for teachers

April 2nd 2015

Beamish – Our Local History – Two training and consultation events for teachers

Beamish is running two training and consultation events in April, one for primary school teachers, one for secondary school teachers, and we would like to invite you to attend.


How to teach Local History in an engaging and dynamic way. Help to reshape the future of the museum – we value your opinion!

Participating teachers will get:

  • A huge amount of original local history resources to take back to the classroom
  • Lots of creative ideas linked to the new curriculum to share at school
  • A say in the development of the museum
  • An opportunity to discuss ideas with other teachers
  • An immersive first-hand experience

Primary – Wednesday 29th April

Secondary – Thursday 30th April

Funding – £80 contribution towards supply cover

Free lunch

The day will include three different exciting sessions using the museum:

Local History: Techniques, Resources and Case Studies

Explore how local history can be brought to life through the use of source materials in the classroom which link to immersive learning experiences at the museum.

Slum to Semi: an Immersive Learning Activity at Beamish – Decade Dilemmas

Engage the senses. Take part in a new activity to compare Edwardian and 1950s housing, was PM Harold Macmillan’s : “Most of our people have never had it so good” statement right?

Reshaping Beamish

Explore the past within living memory. How does it feel to create new museum buildings that generations to come will visit and love? Where gathered memories and cherished belongings will be shared in spaces rebuilt, brick by brick. Where the stuff of everyday life from yesterday’s children will be held and explored and played with. We want you and your pupils to join us on our journey….

The scope and depth of the historical content we can offer to schools visiting the museum will be expanded as a result of this development – through immersive learning experiences that link up thematically and chronologically across the site. The opportunities for cross curricular work will similarly be expanded.

To book contact: Angela Bromage – Learning Coordinator


Tel: 0191 370 4055

Lunch will be provided. Please mention specific dietary requirements when booking.

Beamish has received initial support for a £10.75 million Heritage Lottery Fund grant for the Remaking Beamish project.