Share your memories of going to the hairdressers in the 1950s!

October 7th 2019

Beamish is looking for people who would like to share their memories of going to the hairdressers in the 1950s at an event in Middlesbrough.

We are holding an open day at Chintz Hair Salon, on Newport Road in Middlesbrough, from 9am to 1pm on Tuesday, 15th October. The museum will share exciting plans for the soon-to-be-built hairdressers, which, along with a fish and chip shop, ice cream cafe and the home of Norman Cornish, will form part of the terrace in The 1950s Town.

Visitors can share their memories of going to the hairdressers in the 1950s, what life was like as a hairdresser at the time and stories of growing up in Middlesbrough at the drop-in session. We will be taking along some classic hairdressing objects, visitors can get their hair done 1950s-style by the Chintz team and the museum will be talking about Remaking Beamish plans over tea and cake.

Natasha Anson, Remaking Beamish Project Officer – Community Participation, said: “We’re really looking forward to the open day at Chintz Hair Salon. Visitors can get their hair done 1950s-style, share their memories of hairdressing in the 1950s, whether that was going to a salon or if they were a hairdresser during the decade, and there’ll be a chance to find out more about our exciting Remaking Beamish plans. It’s set to be a fantastic day so be sure to pop along!”

Building work on the £20million Remaking Beamish project is underway at the museum, featuring a 1950s Town, including cinema, shops, houses, cafe and the newly-opened welfare hall, and a 1950s Farm. An expansion of the Georgian area includes a coaching inn where visitors can stay overnight. Joe the Quilter’s recreated Georgian cottage was the first building to open as part of the project.

A 1950s bus route will transport visitors around the expanded museum, and a bus depot and workshop will help ensure the retention of heritage engineering skills. Thanks to the money raised by National Lottery players, the project has been awarded £10.9million by The National Lottery Heritage Fund.