Wholesale Sweets from Beamish Museum

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Bring a traditional taste of Beamish to your business with wholesale sweets from Beamish Museum!

We are thrilled to now be able to offer our delicious handmade confectionery to stockists across the North East and around the UK.

Our scrumptious hardboiled sweets are handmade the traditional way in our Jubilee Confectioners sweet shop exhibit in The 1900s Town. The sweets are presented in attractive glass jars (minimum weight 113g), with Beamish Museum branded labelling. All of the sweets and jars are prepared here at Beamish by our costumed staff.

Wholesale sweets from Beamish Museum

We are currently offering five of our most popular flavours for wholesale purchase: pear drops, rhubarb and custards, raspberry drops, sarsaparilla and Beamish Mix (a selection of our fruit flavoured sweets).

Why stock our sweets in your shop?

  • Our famous sweets are handmade the traditional way in the museum’s 1900s Town sweet shop and are incredibly popular with our visitors.
  • Beamish is a charity and 95 per cent of our income is from our visitors, including tickets, catering and retail – by purchasing our sweets, you will be directly helping to preserve the region’s past for future generations to enjoy.
  • Beamish is a world famous open air museum and is extremely well known in the North East of England, this is your opportunity to bring a bit of Beamish to your business!

If you are interested in stocking jars of our delicious sweets or would like more information, please contact Matthew Henderson, Product Development Manager, email matthewhenderson@beamish.org.uk or tel. 0191 370 4069.

Current Stockists

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