Beamish Museum Christmas Gift Guide

November 26th 2020

Looking for that perfect present this Christmas? You’re sure to find a unique gift for your loved ones here in the Beamish Museum Christmas Gift Guide! 

From Edwardian-inspired spiced apple bath salts and Jubilee Confectioners’ sweet treats to the museum’s own version of Monopoly and an exclusive bauble, Beamish’s Christmas gift range is inspired by the museum’s collections and exhibits.

Beamish is a charity and every purchase from the Beamish Museum Christmas Gift Guide supports the museum and is hugely appreciated.

Beamish Festive Mix
Treat your family and friends by bringing our famous sweet shop to their home with this beautiful Jubilee Confectioners’ tin, filled with a cracking Christmas selection of hardboiled Beamish sweets – perfect for the festive season! This new mix includes Indian limes and mulled wine, poached pear, spiced orange and pumpkin drops.

The reusable tin is based on an original design from the museum’s collection and contains 4oz of Festive Mix, made in The 1900s Town sweet shop – a fantastic gift
for Christmas.

There’s a delicious selection of sweets available on the online shop including favourites such as rhubarb and custards, cinder toffee, lemon sherbets, bonbons, pear drops, cola cubes, sarsaparilla, fudge and sherbet. All sweets ordered online cost £4.99 and come in our Jubilee Confectioners’ souvenir tin.

Buy your Beamish Festive Mix here.

Christmas at Beamish Luxury Bauble

Christmas at Beamish Luxury Bauble
We are proud to present our first Christmas at Beamish luxury fine bone china bauble! Regularly requested by visitors, we are excited to offer this delightful decoration online this Christmas.

A lovely keepsake to cherish for years to come, the Beamish bauble features the museum’s iconic chaldron logo and beautiful Christmas at Beamish decorative text, and hangs on a red velvet ribbon with gold fixing.

The bauble measures 65mm D x 180mm H (including the length of ribbon) and has been screen-printed and decorated in the UK. Give the gift that sparks happy Beamish memories year after year. £15

Buy your Christmas at Beamish Luxury Bauble here.

Beamish Bath Salts
Treat your loved ones to some well-deserved “me time” with Mr Kerrison’s relaxing bath salts. Handmade in rural Northumberland, the salts are inspired by original recipes in the Beamish collection.

The museum’s new spiced apple salts will help melt away those Edwardian stresses after a hard day’s work in the Co-op. £2.99 per pack, minimum weight 100g.

Buy your Beamish Bath Salts here.

Beamish Jigsaws
With our new jigsaws you can bring a piece of the museum to your own home – 1,000 of them to be exact!

Choose from our first Beamish Christmas jigsaw featuring snowy scenes in The 1900s Town, our transport puzzle showing a steam roller, tram 31, Daimler bus and Ford Tourer car on The Town street or picturesque Pockerley gardens. Our Co-op hardware jigsaw is quite tricky! Can you work out if the piece shows a carpet beater, a bar of soap or a brush?!

Produced by one of the UK’s few remaining jigsaw puzzle manufacturers, the puzzle boards and boxes are made from recycled card. The paper for the photograph is FSC certified and the glue is starch based, all of which helps to reduce the carbon footprint of these products. £23.50 each.

Buy your Beamish Jigsaws here.

Beamish Monopoly

Beamish Museum Monopoly
We have combined your favourite North East attraction with your favourite family board game to create Beamish Museum Monopoly!

Make your way around the board, collecting some of our most iconic attractions,  including Pockerley Old Hall, Davy’s Fish and Chip Shop and Annfield Plain Co-op – who’ll get Jubilee Confectioners?! Beamish Museum Monopoly is the perfect way to combat those Boxing Day blues! £43.50.

Buy your Beamish Monopoly here.

Cadbury’s Chocolate
For the chocolate-obsessed family member or friend… Buy delicious Cadbury’s Dairy Milk chocolate wrapped in 1900s or 1951 design packaging. The replica wrapping is based on original packaging from our collection and has been made in an exclusive collaboration between Beamish and Cadbury!

Fun fact – the 1900s Dairy Milk packaging, which we are selling a replica of, was Cadbury’s first ever purple bar! £5 for 110g bar. £9.99 for 360g bar.

Buy your Cadbury’s Chocolate here!

Festive Face Masks
The practical but pretty present… a festive face mask! Each cotton mask is handmade in our costume department and features a traditional Christmas pattern. Masks cost £6, patterns may vary.

Buy your Festive Face Masks here.

Award-winning Cold Creams

Luxury range of balms, baths salts and award-winning cold creams from W Smith's Chemist in The 1900s Town.
For those who love the finer things in life… Beamish’s popular cold creams, which won Best Product Award 2020 in the Cultural Enterprises Awards, are the perfect Christmas gift or stocking filler.

As well as our geranium, neroli and orange, ylang ylang and patchouli cold creams, there is now a festive frankincense and myrrh scent available. Cold cream is a multipurpose cream – an all-in-one cleanser, make-up remover and moisturiser.

The creams are based on a 1900s recipe from a handwritten notebook belonging to Sunderland pharmacist Alfred Kerrison, the great uncle of journalist Kate Adie.

“Cold” refers to the cooling sensation it gives after being applied, believed to be due to the water content of the cream evaporating from the skin. £7.99 per pot, 4.5cm x 5.5cm, min 50ml.

Buy your Award-winning Cold Creams here.

Mr Kerrison’s Lip Salve and Solid Perfume
Also based on an original Alfred Kerrison recipe are Beamish’s vanilla, geranium and cinnamon lip salves and white rose solid perfumes. Like the cold creams, they are made exclusively for the museum on a small Northumberland farm.

None of the ingredients used in our salves, creams, salts and soaps are tested on animals and the containers are all recyclable. For a full list of ingredients in each product visit Lip salve – £3.95 per pot, min 15ml. Solid perfume – £6 per pot, min 15ml.

Buy your Mr Kerrison’s Lip Salve and Solid Perfume here.

Beamish 1900s Town Shortbread and Fudge Barrels
‘Tis the season to indulge! Christmas isn’t complete without tempting treats and our fudge and biscuits barrels are hard to resist.

Designed by North Yorkshire-based artist Richard O’Neill and inspired by classic 20th century travel art, the barrels depict the museum’s iconic 1900s Town street and contain delicious clotted cream shortbread and clotted cream fudge (both 200g). Produced in the UK. Shortbread barrel – £4.75. Fudge barrel – £4.25.

The Mahogany Drift Mine mini chocolate chip cookies tin and tea and ginger biscuit barrel (inspired by the shape of the iconic miner’s lamp) also make great gifts!

Buy your Beamish Biscuits and Fudge here.

Beamish Top Trumps

Beamish Museum Christmas Gift Guide - Beamish Top Trumps
For the transport enthusiast… Travel through the museum’s fascinating transport history with Beamish Top Trumps. Discover new and exciting facts about our impressive transport collection, including trams, locomotives, buses, cars, tractors and even some rarely seen vehicles, as you try to trump and win your opponent’s cards. £7.50 per pack, made in the UK exclusively for Beamish.

Buy your Beamish Top Trumps here. 

Museum Mugs
Whether they’re a ready-to-march Suffragette, a Beamish Motor & Cycle Works enthusiast or a drift mine deputy in the making, we have a mug for the tea or coffee lover in your life!

Maybe they’re a fan of old sayings – like “shy bairns get nowt” and “children should be seen not heard”? How about the got-to-have-a-biscuit-with-my-tea type? We have a mug (and the broken biscuits) for them as well… Plus, you can also buy loose leaf tea and coffee on our online shop, meaning they’re set for the perfect cuppa.

To see the range of mugs, including some inspired by our collections and designed in The 1900s Town print shop, visit the Beamish Museum Online Shop.

Beamish Courant Tea Towel
Designed in our 1900s Eagle Press Print Works, this tea towel contains many of the  iconic shops and businesses found at Beamish including The Sun Inn, W Smith’s Chemist and Jubilee Confectioners.

The design was originally started in the 1980s and, to celebrate our 50th anniversary, our skilled printers spent over 70 hours updating the design before it was turned into this limited-edition tea towel. Produced in the UK, £9.99.

Buy your Beamish Courant Tea Towel here.

Herron’s Bakery Treats

Beamish Museum Christmas Gift Guide - Herron's Bakery
This year, for the first time, we are selling delicious Christmas cake – the perfect yuletide treat! Handmade in the bakery exhibit in The 1900s Town, the scrumptious cake makes the perfect present. Christmas cake (800g) is £16.

You can also give the gift of Herron’s Bakery gingerbread this Christmas! Choose from either six or nine pieces of the scrumptious squares. Six pieces – £12.50, nine pieces – £14.75. Gingerbread is approximately 85g per piece.

These items come wrapped in Herron’s Bakery-branded greaseproof paper and are presented in a beautifully-designed Joseph Herron tin. We recommend enjoying the delicious gingerbread within seven days and the Christmas cake within three months. Last Christmas orders to be placed on 16th December, to be posted out 18th December.

Buy your Herron’s Bakery Treats here.

Herron’s Bakery Gift Items
The perfect present for the baker in your life… Put a smile on their face with our Herron’s Bakery kitchen essentials!

The beautifully-branded rolling pin and chopping board will have them baking beautiful biscuits and scrumptious scones like a true Edwardian baker in no time. Plus, there’s a jute bag for transporting their delicious baked goodies and an enamel sign which is based on the beautiful sign writing on the front of our bakery exhibit. See the full range on the Beamish Museum Online Shop.

Buy your Herron’s Bakery Gift Items here.

One-stop Stationer’s Shop
From colouring pencils and complete-beginner calligraphy sets to memo pads, greeting cards and handprinted notebooks, the stationer’s section of our online shop is a must for presents for all crafty companions.

Why not buy them a slate and pencil set – otherwise known as the “Victorian iPad” – so they can channel their inner 1900s student? Keep them busy this Christmas with lots of Beamish-inspired creative projects.

See the full Stationer’s Shop range here.

Bairn’s Bib

Beamish Museum Christmas Gift Guide - Bait Time Bib

A bait time bib for bairns! Our 100% cotton bib, featuring the North East term “Bait Time”, has a wide, stretchy neck and is machine washable. So no need to worry if the bairns divven’t gan canny with their Christmas bait! One size fits all. £9.99 each.

Buy your Bairn a bib here!

The Perfect Christmas Cuppa
Treat them to a warming cup of tea or a canny cup of coffee with our new teas and coffees! We worked with local suppliers to create new blends especially for Beamish that are inspired by the museum and the history of the North East. The packaging artwork is based on originals in the collection and is inspired by Edwardian produce in our Co-op store in The 1900s Town. Beamish Blend Tea tin is £7.50. Beamish ground coffee is £5.50.

Buy your Beamish teas and coffees here.

Jubilee Bear
Our Golden Jubilee Bear is the perfect Beamish companion. This limited edition keepsake is an essential gift for every Beamish supporter. Wearing a “Beamish Museum 50th Anniversary” brown and gold ribbon, the bear’s paw has also been beautifully embroidered to mark the museum’s 50th anniversary year. Bear is 18inch x 11inch, £50.

Buy your Jubilee Bear here.

Votes for Women Range
The Beamish Museum Christmas Gift Guide wouldn’t be complete without our Votes for Women range which will ensure the aspiring Suffragette or Suffragist in your life is ready to march for women’s right to vote!

Choose from mugs, coasters and pencils which have been designed in our 1900s Town print shop – the hessian satchels, notebooks and tote bags have also been printed in the exhibit.

Plus, there are magnets and playing cards inspired by the cause, and locally-made rosettes and handmade sashes in Suffrage colours – purple for dignity, white for purity and green for hope.

Our Alison Gardiner range features iconic scenes and characters of the Suffragette movement, presented in her signature style. Choose from a tote bag, magnet, tea towel and tea in a tin. They’ll be chanting “Deeds not words!” in no time…

Find the full Vote for Women Range here.

Beamish Books
Top up the coal on your fire and settle down with a good book… Beamish famously featured in the Downton Abbey film and you can buy a copy of the Downton Abbey Official Film Companion, which features the museum. Plus, pick up our new guidebook and a signed copy of The Book of Samson, which was written by Beamish’s Assistant Director Design, Transport and Industry Paul Jarman.

Don’t forget to get an Eagle Press Print Works or Jubilee Confectioners leather bookmark for the full Beamish bookworm bundle! The bookmarks feature line drawings of our iconic exhibits as well as the Beamish logo.

Buy your Beamish Books here.

Sweet Tooth Stocking Filler

Another brilliant Beamish stocking filler! This limited edition Christmas bundle  includes an exclusive Jubilee Confectioners’ tin filled with 4oz of mixed bonbons, a locally-made 40g Belgian milk chocolate Jubilee bar and a leather, embossed sweet shop keyring. The perfect present for the Beamish sweet shop-obsessed! £9.49 per tin.

Buy your Sweet Tooth Stocking Filler here.

Give a Dog a… Beamish Treat!

Beamish Museum Christmas Gift Guide - Dog Biscuits
Treat your four-legged friends this Christmas with our new dog biscuits! Handmade in the North East, your dog will love them just as much as they love visiting Beamish!  Choose from beef, chicken and cranberry and oats biscuits. The packaging is inspired by originals in our collection. 110g per bag, £4.75.

Buy your dog a bag of Beamish Treats here.

Visit the Beamish Museum Online Shop to buy items from the Beamish Museum Christmas Gift Guide as well as our full range of unique Christmas gifts and stocking fillers.

Beamish is a charity and 95 per cent of our income is from visitors, including ticket sales, catering and retail. Our closures due to the coronavirus pandemic has had a major impact on the museum – purchases made from the Beamish Museum Christmas Gift Guide and online shop continue to support the museum and are greatly appreciated.

Last Christmas orders need to be placed on 16th December, to be posted out 18th December.