Suffragettes on the High Street - Campaign and Debate Onsite Learning Activity

£50 per class, KS3 (admission costs apply)

Students will change into costume and hold a rally through the 1900s Town street, carrying banners and placards as they march up and down the chanting to encourage onlookers to join their cause!

Suffrage supporters will march one way and Antis in the opposite direction. The debate will then take place. One or two representatives from the different groups (Suffragette, Suffragist and Antis) will make a speech, then questions and comments will be taken. Everyone is encouraged to take part, with comments, arguments and heckles.

Pupils should create their character beforehand, based upon the history of the movement.

The activity will:

  • Immerse students in the suffrage campaign of 1913.
  • Use drama to relay knowledge, inspire empathy and experience political empowerment.
  • Take a role within the suffrage debate, either Suffragette, Suffragist or Anti. They will become the character they have created prior to the visit and take part in a public rally and debate.
  • Dramatise and communicate about the past in a variety of ways including the use of key vocabulary and concepts.
  • Enable students to construct lucid arguments and use a range of interpretations to argue for and against women’s suffrage.
  • Get students to value the significance of some arguments in comparison to others.
  • Make students memorise and recall key points from the point of view of a character.

Target Age: Key Stage 3

Activity Cost: £50 (admission costs apply)

Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes

Group size: Full class

Season: All year round

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