Mind Our Business – Travel and Tourism, Business Studies Onsite Learning Activity

£50 per class, KS4 & KS5 (admission costs apply)

The Mind our Business talk offers groups a behind the scenes insight into the running of Beamish Museum.

The talk can be tailored to the needs of your group, including topics such as:

  • Marketing
  • Health and safety
  • Running of the museum
  • Visitor management
  • Events
  • Hospitality
  • Visitor engagement and customer service
  • Jobs and structure of the organisation
  • Finance and funding

Students get real life business information. They have the opportunity to ask questions and then visit the museum to reflect on how the principles of the business actually translate in the performance of the museum.

Teachers can take all the available information away with them provided they bring a memory stick.

Target Age: Key Stage 4 & Key Stage 5

Activity Cost: £50 (admission costs apply)

Duration: 1 hour

Group size: Full class

Season: All year round

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