Evacuees, World War 2 Onsite Learning Activity

£60 per class, KS2 (admission costs apply)

It is 1941 and Britain has been at war for some time. Wartime spirit is in full swing and rationing is part of everyday life.

Over the last couple of months, air raids have become more extreme and parents have decided it is time to send children to the relative safety of the countryside, as extended warfare seems inevitable. America is not currently involved in this ‘European war’, but circumstances are about to change dramatically…

Children will board a special service bus to The 1940s Farm. Will the farmer provide billets for them all? Of course, he would rather not, but if he thinks that they are smart, strong and pleasant enough perhaps he will have a re-think. The farmer will be looking out for those willing to help out before he decides who can stay in the safety of his farmhouse.

During the activity, children will take part in a range of activities covering topics such as the black out, rationing, Dig For Victory, the black market, war time cookery and the Home Guard. The children will be split into two groups and these groups will experience different activities – all children will not do all the activities.

This activity will help children to:

  • Learn about the Second World Wartime Home Front.
  • Understand what it was like to be evacuated.
  • Empathise with what it was like to be an evacuee in World War 2.

Target Age: Key Stage 2

Activity Cost: £60 (admission costs apply)

Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes

Group size: Full class

Season: All year round

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