Christmas Tails in Beamish Town Onsite Learning Activity

Onsite activity, £50 per class, Reception and KS1

Join us this Christmas to enjoy some classic festive story telling. Perfect for Reception and Key Stage 1, we will do a little window shopping in the decorated 1900s Town before settling down to a story and making finger puppets to take back to school. As you independently explore The 1900s Town, children will be able to hunt for mice from the story… just don’t tell the cat if you find any!

This story telling activity is inspired by the Tailor of Gloucester, by Beatrix Potter.

The member of Beamish staff leading the session will meet you on the street in the museum’s 1900s Town. They will be in character as a person visiting the Town for the first time to do their shopping. They will share with the children their shopping list and, in groups accompanied by school adults, we will look at the different shops e.g. the grocers, the drapers and the hardware store in the Town. We will then move to the masonic hall where the children can advise on where best to go for the shopping. This will lead into a telling of Beatrix Potter’s story of ‘The Tailor of Gloucester’, in which the mice help the tailor to complete the Mayors wedding clothes, despite the interference of his cat. We will use props and the museum setting to bring the festive story to life, support comprehension and help children understand some old fashioned language and unfamiliar objects.

After discussing the story, children will take part in a paper craft activity where they will make their own finger puppet mouse to take back to school.

In your teacher led time exploring The 1900s Town, children will be able to hunt for mice that will be hidden throughout exhibits and shop windows, so encouraging them to look carefully at the different rooms and facilitating further discussion about what they can see. Teachers will be provided with a list of places where the mice are hidden.

The activity aims to:

  • Help children understand what life was like in the past, with a particular focus on shops.
  • Bring to life ‘The Tailor of Gloucester’ by Beatrix Potter and help children to understand, enjoy and share their ideas about this classic story.
  • Enable children to take part in a paper craft activity.
  • Inspire children to look carefully around The 1900s Town exhibits as they hunt for mice.

Target Age: Reception and KS1

Costs: £50

Duration: 50 minutes

Group Size: 30 children

Season: Christmas

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