Skiffle Workshop

Sun 25th Aug, 3pm - 4pm

Skiffle was a 1950s musical phenomenon with homespun, simple music played on affordable instruments so that everyone could have a go.

Why not try your hand at playing some skiffle at our new 1950s welfare hall. We’ll be holding workshops to show people how to play simple instruments, such as the washboard and tea-chest bass and we’ll be expecting some rousing singing too! If you have an instrument that would fit in with our skiffle, such as a ukulele, guitar, fiddle or mandolin, bring it along whatever standard you play at.

During the 1950s, church halls, coffee bars, community centres and youth clubs rang out with music of young bands emulating the like of Lonnie Donegan and The Vipers.

The sessions will take place on the fourth Sunday of the month in the welfare hall. Our own skiffle band, Hop, Skiffle and Jump, will perform a concert to conclude each session.

Come along, have a go and have some fun!