W Smith's Chemist and JR & D Edis Photographers

Beamish Unlimited

W Smith’s Chemist and JR & D Edis Photographers are now open for business!

The new additions in The Town and are an exciting opportunity for Beamish to demonstrate a typical early 1900s chemist business and photography studio.

The unusual corner building which houses the exhibits is based on a listed property on Elvet Bridge in Durham City. Here we take a look at the history behind the businesses and what exciting things visitors can see and do.


JR & D Edis Photographers

Complete with magnesium flash, side-lit studio window and props including a bonnet, pipe and child’s toy boat, the new photography studio is already proving very popular!

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W Smith's Chemist

The exciting new exhibit next door demonstrates a typical Edwardian chemist business, with dispensary and aerated water sections.

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