Worth Fifty Horses

£60, KS2 & KS3

It is 1835 and pupils are potential investors in the new railroads!  Before they make their decision as to whether they wish to invest or not, they need to find out more information on the railroads – what are they for and what is their impact on society? 

The pupils will meet a Waggonway man finishing his shift who will take them to meet various characters to find out information and see what they think of the new railroads.  The pupils will be split up into groups, each with an adult supervisor from your school.  The session will end with a debate which will take place either in Eston Church or the Waggonway Great Shed.  Will the Pupils decide to invest or not?

This activity will bring to life the moment when industrialisation started to take off and railways began their spread across the country. It also links to local history in the North East.

This session helps children:

  • to explore and understand the beginnings of the Industrial Revolution, and in particular the beginnings of the railways.
  • to explore and understand the impact of the early industrialisation on society.
  • to compare what life was like in the Georgian Era to life now.

Target age: Years 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

Cost: £60

Duration: 1 hour 30 mins

Group size: Whole class

Season: All year

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