We Are Amused

£35 per session, KS1

In the setting of a period home, children will be able to play with a range of toys and games popular in the past, including a Noah’s Ark, Jacob’s ladders, zoetropes, yo-yos and pick up sticks . 

They will also make a thaumatrope, an optical toy, which they can take home. At the end of the session a discussion will take place about the similarities and differences between toys today and toys in the Victorian/Edwardian era.

This activity generally takes place in Pit Cottage No 5.  Activities will be co-ordinated by Museum staff and some activities will need to be supervised by adults with the school.

This is a hands on activity through which children can:

  • Explore toys and games which were played in the Victorian/Edwardian era.
  • Understand the similarities and differences between the toys and games children play with now and those children would have played with in the past.

Target Age: Key Stage 1

Cost: £35 per session

Duration: 45 mins

Group size: Half class

Season: All year round

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