Transport through Time

£35 per session, Reception & KS1

The session is made up to two parts which vary between the summer and winter season depending on which areas of the Museum are open.

At all times of the year children will explore travel 100 years ago.  They will visit the Tram shed to look at early bicycles, sit in a replica 1910 car and climb aboard an Edwardian tram.  How did the Penny farthing get its name and how many people can sit in the back of the car?  Every child will be given a ticket to stamp. They will find out how comfortable the tram seats were and discover how the driver knew when to stop and go.

In the summer season, the group will also travel back 200 years to the Waggonway.  Here they will be introduced to one of the very first steam engines such as the Steam Elephant, finding out about the different parts of the engine and how it works.  The group will also meet Queenie the Pack Horse to find out about horse power.

In the winter season, the group will visit the Carriage House to explore the time of horse power.  They will meet the horses and see a range of vehicles, from carriages and delivery vans to a sleigh and fire engine. Children will also learn some of the commands used by the coachmen as they drove through the countryside.

This activity supports students to:

  • Experience different forms of old vehicles and transport methods.
  • Make comparisons between old and new forms of transport.


Target Age: Reception, Key Stage 1

Cost: £35 per session

Duration: 1 hour

Group size: 20

Season: All year

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