The Somme

£50, KS3

1st July 1916 saw the worst ever day for the British Army as the Battle of the Somme commenced. This activity acknowledges and commemorates the significance of this event, its effects on local communities and its legacy.

Students will engage in an enquiry based learning approach, interviewing characters and gathering information. They will meet people with different attitudes and experiences on how the War has affected their families.  Students will then compare and contrast the information gathered in a debate and share their views on the Somme campaign.

During the session students will:

  • Explore the events and impact of the Somme campaign on Durham mining communities, both in practical and emotional terms, discover the story of the Conscientious Objectors and find out how the War is viewed on the Home Front in 1916.
  • Ask questions to find out about people’s attitudes towards the war and consider what has happened and how emotions have changed since 1914.

Put themselves into the past and consider the views they would have held if they had been around at this moment in history.

Target age: KS3

Cost: £50

Duration: 1 hour

Group size: Whole class (30 students)

Season: All year

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