A Spoonful of Sugar

£50, KS2

A customer at the chemist’s shop is complaining of an ailment. Pupils are tasked with experimenting until they find a cure!

Children will visit the chemist’s shop and meet the chemist assistant. They have a customer complaining of a stomach ache who needs a recommended medicine to help cure her. Working with typical equipment and ingredients available to a chemist in 1913, the children will have to devise an experiment and find a cure for the customer. They will need to work in a logical, scientific order to solve the problem and then make a recommendation to the chemist’s assistant.

They will also have the chance to learn about the types of medical treatments available to customers who visited a chemist’s shop and watch pill making, balm production and learn about the benefits of ‘aerated waters’.

Target age: KS2

Cost: £50

Duration: 1 hour

Group size: Whole class (30 students)

Season: All year

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