Pockerley Old Hall

£60 per class, Reception & KS1

Step back in time to 1820 and into a Georgian home.  The Squire is looking to take on some new maids or serving boys. Can the children persuade him that they should be part of his household?

Pockerley Old Hall is the setting used to explore what it was like to be a servant at this time. Pupils will take part in activities such as making candles, baking biscuits and making lavender bags. The activity will be lead by two people in role as characters from the time. The class will be divided into groups, each with an adult supervisor from the school. Some activities will be led by Beamish staff and some will be teacher led, with instructions provided.

This session enables children to:

  • Explore and understand what life was like 200 years ago (in the Georgian Era).
  • Compare what life was like in the Georgian Era to life now.

Target Age: Reception and Key Stage 1

Cost: £60

Duration: 1 hour 30 mins

Group size: Full class

Season: All year

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