A Parcel from Home - World War 1

£35 per session, KS1

Children are immersed in life on the Home Front at the beginning of WW1.

The group will find out:

  • What a house was like in 1914
  • What shopping was like in 1914
  • What life was like for soldiers in WW1 e.g. what the food and the trenches were like.
  • How people sent home comforts to soldiers in WW1

The group will put together a parcel for a soldier, drawing a picture or writing a letter with news from home and going shopping for treats.  Once it is all wrapped up with brown paper and string they will take the parcel to the stationers to be sent to the soldier at the front.

Please note that during the activity the group will be split into smaller groups to go shopping. Each group must be accompanied by a school adult – the number of adults will determine the number of groups.

Your parcels will be at the main entrance for you to collect and take back to school for follow up work.

Target Age: Key Stage 1

Cost: £35 per session

Duration: 45 mins

Group size: Half class

Season: All year round

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