Once Upon A Time

£60 per session, Rec and KS1

Visit a fairy tale world full of elements from nursery rhymes and traditional tales to support understanding of the genre by bringing the settings, characters and objects to life.

Find out about traditional tales in a real, historical setting. Children will meet generic fairy tale characters within an atmospheric setting whilst taking part in activities that link to range of well known tales. The activity is led by Museum staff in character as servants, a master and a storyteller. Whilst visiting the house children will be take part in a range of tasks including counting the Master’s money, making porridge at the kitchen table, turning the spinning wheel and writing with a quill pen. Within the settings they will also spot lots of items relating to a fairy tale world, be it a bowl of golden eggs or 3 different sized porridge bowls.

During the session the class will be divided into groups, each with an adult supervisor from the school. Some activities will be led by Beamish staff and some will be teacher led, with instructions provided. The session will finish with the group listening to a traditional tale.

This session enables children to:

  • Recognise elements of traditional tales: objects, themes, characters, settings
  • Identify  language from a traditional tale
  • Learn about homes from the past

Target Age: Reception and Key Stage 1

Cost: £60

Duration: 1 ½ hours

Group size: Full class

Season:  All year

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