Money for Old Rope

£40 for first half of activity only, £60 for full activity, KS2

Welcome to the rope factory! Children will experience piece work, working together under strict factory conditions to earn their wages before using their mathematical skills to turn their earnings into a meal for a family of seven.

Outline of Activity:  This activity is split into two parts.

Part 1 takes place at the rope factory. Children will be asked to work, sorting and bundling rope into different lengths in order to earn money. The more bundles they make, the more money they earn, but if they break the strict rules of the factory they will be fined. At the end they will reckon up their earnings before receiving the shillings and pence.

Part 2 requires them to use their wages. They will visit the Co-op to find out the costs of the food and will be helped to weigh out different food stuffs so as to understand how much they will get for a pound etc. They will then purchase their food (in paper form) and distribute the food to the family.

Objectives of Activity:

This activity will enable children to:

  • Make connections between earnings and spends and use mathematical skills in a practical way to solve problems.
  • Understand the factory system from 100 years ago.
  • Understand the types of food eaten in the past, its cost and the social conditions for typical working families from 100 years ago.

Target Age: Key Stage 2

Cost: £40 for first half of activity only, £60 for full activity.

Duration: 1 hour (first half) plus 1 hour 15 mins (second half)

Group size: Full class

Season:  All year

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