Who's Going to Mind the Bairn - Teenage Pregnancy

£50 per class, KS3

Students will be confronted with an abandoned baby at the Chapel.  They must discover what has happened and ultimately decide on who should look after the baby.

To help them to do this they interrogate different characters in the pit community.

Students need to ask questions to find out what has happened, discover different people’s attitudes towards the situation and consider what should happen to the child. Groups will then report on what they have discovered and decide together what they think the different options for the baby are. Once pupils have decided what they think has happened and what they will do with the child, they will discuss the possible consequences of their decisions.

Students will learn:

  • How teenage pregnancy was dealt with in the past
  • How attitudes have changed towards this issue
  • What options teenagers had in the past
  • The role of the father in the scenario
  • The effect of peer pressure

Students will reflect on:

  • Their choices today for this scenario

Target Age: Key Stage 3 and 4

Cost: £50

Duration: 60 mins

Group size: Full class

Season: All year round

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