Life of a Soldier (WW1)

£35 per half class, KS2

This activity immerses children in what life was like for a new recruit at the beginning of World War 1.

Children will find out about:

  • Home life in a pit village in 1914.
  • The clothing worn at the time, including, civilian and military uniform.
  • Why men signed up at the start of WW1
  • Life for newly recruited soldiers in WW1 including the process of joining up and the equipment issued to recruits.
  • Life in a training camp preparing to go to war.

This activity will be led by someone in role as a soldier who was been recruited to join the army.  He is home on leave from a training camp.   The children will have the opportunity to ask questions, hear his stories and explore his equipment and kit bag.  Discussion will revolve around questions such as:

  • Why he joined up and who he joined up with
  • What life was like in a training camp – activities, food, accommodation etc.

The pupils will have an opportunity to handle the contents of the Kit Bag and the replica rifle.

Target Age: Key Stage 2

Cost: £35 per half class

Duration: 45 minutes

Group size: 15

Season: All year

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