Just One Spark

£50, KS2

In 1812, the Felling Mine Disaster killed 92 men and boys after two explosions ripped through the mine. The cause was found to be the use of a naked candle, which ignited the methane gas and coal dust.

As a result of this disaster, a local Reverend launched a campaign to find the design for a mining safety lamp.In January 1816, the Davy safety lamp was successfully tested down Hebburn Mine, and designs by George Stephenson and William Reid Clanny were also developed. Just One Spark is the story of the investigation into the explosions and the race to find a solution to ensure the safety of miners.

** Please note that this show will involve demonstrating small, controlled, explosions. However, they may still upset children who are sensitive to loud bangs. You may wish for these children to sit further back and/or near an adult.

The activity aims:

  • for children to be able to identify the causes of mine explosions
  • to enable children to summarise how mining safety lamps work to prevent explosions

In the Summer, it is suggested that groups follow up this activity with a Mine Tour. In Winter months, an optional Mine Tour is included with this activity, but it must be agreed at the time of booking as the Mine is usually closed in Winter.

Target age: KS2

Cost: £50

Duration: 1 hour

Group size: Whole class (30 students)

Season: All year

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