Joe the Quilter

£50, KS3

Who murdered Joseph Hedley? The people the children will investigate and interview, including the thief taker and farmer’s wife, seem to blame each other!

They will need to uncover what has happened, what Joe the Quilter was like and who might be responsible for his death. Each group will interview characters from the rural Northumberland community to unravel the story. Once back together the children will decide in their groups who might be the murderer and share their views with the rest of the group.

The activity will help children to

  • Understand how cottage industry developed before the start of industrialisation and to understand how crimes and punishments were dealt with in 1800.
  • Develop problem solving and team work skills.
  • Develop and use thinking skills such as questioning, planning, making decisions and judgements and the synthesis of information.

This activity can be adapted for younger children with the crime changed from murder to theft.

Target age: Years 4, 5, 6 (can be adapted for years 2 & 3)

Cost: £50

Duration: 1 hour

Group size: Whole class

Season: All year

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