James White - Local History Coal Mining Enquiry

£50 per class, KS2

A notice outside the Chapel announces the death of James White (12 years old) who has died at the Pit. Children will be asked to play the role of investigators and, by interviewing different people, uncover what has happened, what James White was like and who was responsible for his death (if anyone).

Each group will visit characters to interview them, they will take notes and start to put the story together. Once back at the chapel the children will then decide in their groups what should change at the mine so that the accidents will not happen again.

During the session the group will be asked to split into five or six groups to move around the pit village.  School staff need to play an active role in supervising these groups.

During this Local History Enquiry children will find out:

  • the working arrangement of the coal mining communities in the past both on the domestic and industrial side of life
  • how to solve a problem through team work.
  • how to develop and use thinking skills such as questioning, planning, making decisions and judgements and the synthesis of information.

Please note that during the activity the group will be split into smaller groups to go and interview different characters in the Pit Village.

There is an associated resource for this activity and teachers can book (subject to availability) outreach sessions in school.

Target Age: Key Stage 2

Cost: £50

Duration: 60 mins

Group size: Full class

Season: All year round

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