Georgian Medicine

£50 per class, KS3 & KS4

The Squire lies dead in his bed and no one knows why.  The Physician, the Quack Doctor and the Wise Woman are all present at Pockerley Old Hall, each with their own take on what has happened and why.

Students are tasked to find out what has happened by talking to those present and searching the house for information leading to a possible cause of death.   They will need to unravel the relevant facts from a tangle of superstitions and self interest.

This session relates to the Medicine Through Time and will cover:

  • What caused people to be healthy or unhealthy? Hygiene standards, presence of vermin, water quality, poisoning from common place use of hazardous materials, injury and diseases.
  • Who provided medical care? The characteristics of the Physician, the Wise Woman, and the Quack Doctor will be covered in detail.  It will touch on the Apothecary Surgeons role.
  • What caused diagnoses and treatments to remain the same or to change? Varying treatments will be covered, some originating from medical training, others passed down through family and folklore.
  • How far did new ideas and treatments affect the majority of the population? This will be highlighted through discussion around Jenner, the development of vaccination and opposition to the new technique.
  • What ideas did people have about the causes and treatment of illness and injuries? The session will include beliefs in causes such as miasmas and an imbalance in the humours and treatments such as herbal remedies and bleeding.

Target Age: Key Stage 3 & Key Stage 4

Cost: £50

Duration: 1 hour

Group size: Full class

Season: All year

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