Quoits Weekend 2020

Sat 4th - Sun 5th Jul

Competitors from The Quoits Association will play in the traditional game in our 1900s Pit Village on 4th & 5th July.

The sporting event, which is similar to the game hoopla, has been associated with mining communities for many years.

Quoits has been described as a developed form of horseshoe pitching and the name originates from Ancient Greece. Similar to the Greek discus, Quoits was brought to Britain by the Romans.

The English variant of the game in split into three versions, these are The Northern Game, The Long Game and The East Anglian Game.

The National Quoits Association, which was formed in 1986, will be playing The Northern Game. This variation uses specific rules which were published in 1881 and includes stakes which are placed eleven yards apart in three square feet of clay.


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Beamish reserves the right to alter or change this programme at any point.