50s Folk Club

Sun 10th Nov :: 11.30am - 2.30pm

On Sunday, 10th November from 11.30am to 2.30pm, enjoy a proper, old fashioned Folk Club in our 1950s welfare hall!

While skiffle music and rock and roll dominated the popular music scene in the late Fifties, many people were keen to explore a little better the folk music that has quietly formed a part of our culture for centuries. That’s why the folk music revival started in the Fifties. Spurred on by realising, through skiffle, how you could make your own music, people started to meet in rooms above pubs, coffee bars, church halls and community centres to play folk music. By the Sixties the interest in folk had taken off and there were hundreds of folk clubs around the country.

So, dig out your Aran jumpers and your jeans, make sure your Wild Rover has some Whiskey in the Jar and join us for a good old sing.

If you want to sing a song yourself, a ‘floor spot’, please feel welcome.  Bring your instruments along too if you want to join in the fun.